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RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. is an American corporation that operates a chain of gasoline service stations across the Southern United States. The firm is Georgia's third largest private company, with sales of $9.1 billion in 2013.


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Guest Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Everyone is messy disrespectful non professional and managers steal all the time They are always short staffed cause they treat their customers like trash and employees. You can’t trust a soul at Racetrac and they cheat you out your pay and everyone supports selling expired product due to laziness and garbage for management. There is zero accountability and there are illegal relationships going on managers dating associates and associates dating customers husbands and wives this place is so toxic and they clean with just water no sanitation at all just lies of signatures saying they did but didn’t at all I recommend to never work here it’s a sad excuse of a companyFree everything according to managersThey sell a lot of expired product and know about it"

Guest Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management definitely plays favorites, although i'm sure that's not a unique problem. However, they also allow racist commentary from employees and have done nothing to protect their employees or customers from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic when many of their stores are located in the biggest hotspots in the country. They actively discourage employees from enforcing county ordinances regarding masks and take retaliatory actions against their employees with no repercussions when they are confronted about a lack of leadership regarding this issue. This is not a company that I would trust to keep a safe work environment for their employees in these unprecedented times.You are just a shirt and nametag."

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Its hard to put into exact words, but this company is the worst company I have ever worked for and its management create a toxic and environment. Bullying from higher members of staff is a common occurrence. I know in these times you may take any job to put food on the table. Please don't even consider applying for any position with this company as it will have an extreme negative effect on your mental well-being.No pros for staff at all.There is not one benefit to being an employee with this company."

Supervisor & Preventive Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was working there for two years, RSMS are probably one of the worst/laziest employers I’ve ever worked for. When I tried to order parts or talk to my boss about something important I get ignored and end up waiting months forPay was goodVery very very bad management"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"All they care about is making money no one care about what an employee or customer needs. Employees gets little to no benefits and if you do get benefit they’re expensive. Also a lot of work for little pay. It feel like the harder you work the less they’ll appreciate you.Weekly payLittle pay"

Relief Manager (Current Employee) says

"Terrible place to work especially if you're a store manager they expect you to work 90 hours a week for a set salary and you have to cover all shifts it's the most horrible job that anyone could ever think of and if you don't keep up with the numbers they come in and they fire you the manager district manager that oversees all this will come in when his full uniform and cap and this is a warning because when he wears this is on the loose to fire people"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a manager in one of the Lafayette stores. Long hours.. low pay.. about 10-11 dollars an hour but you do get bonuses based off of waste/shortages.. the lower the waste the higher your bonus nothing more nothing less. Associates don’t come to work to work so it’s hard managing the group. There’s no open line of communication between managers it’s more like a high school clique environment... managers gossip with associates..."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible and the pay is as well. Was told i was getting paid for full time and received part time pay with no compensation. This company like majority is worth billions and pay the employees under $11 an hr. Cigarette smokers are rewarded hella smoke breaks Bc they essentially spend with the company. While non smokers have to put up their slack. Wack job to say the least"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for. Write ups everytime you make a move. Management hides behind corporate and will verbally abuse you regardless of hr. Pay is not worth what they ask of you. Only benefits was the free drinks.Free drinksEverything"

CO-Manager (Former Employee) says

"They promoted for who they liked regardless how bad he is you put 150 % of you and they promoted again who they liked very sad company to work for,go to wawa is better plus they taking them little at the time"

Night Manager (Former Employee) says

"Had great benefits just had alot of drug addicts working for the company and the very long hours and no holidays off they are all around 24 hours a dayFree drinksNo breaks very long hours poor management"

Shift/ night manager / (Current Employee) says

"It’s all about favoritism at Racetrac , if you’re don’t make it on their “ favorite”list you will never move up no matter how much sacrifices you make or how hard you work.NoneEverything"

Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Racetrac was probably the worst place I’ve ever worked. The management was terrible, constraint drama and nobody there was happy. The GM would give certain employees with special treatment and treat others like trash. I was personally sent home multiple times for no reason and constantly targeted by management and the team. The GM would make me cry almost every day... definitely wouldn’t recommend."

Swing Shift Manager (Former Employee) says

"The shifts are long and no breaks are provided. There are no chairs in any of the stores so you will be on your feet the entire 8-12 hours you are there. You will be doing a lot of manual labor for low pay. Promotions are based on social skills and not how hard you work or how much effort and time you put in. You are promoted based solely on who likes you, The HR department is there to protect the higher ups even when they are bullying/threatening associates. In a low level management position if the next shift manager fails to show up you are required to stay and work their 12 hours as well.long hours, low pay"

Shift Manager and Guest Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is awful to work for. Pay is fixed and they rarely talk about giving raises. With the “new” Managment schedule structure, General Managers are ralely there leaving all of their tasks to their peers. If they don’t like you for some reason that’s not work related, they would rather fire you for bs reasons that make no sense. Wether you need a job while attending school or just something to get money in the door, find another company. You are better off.Lack of discipline in upper management. Discrimination. Lack of respect to employees."

Associate/Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"The management is terrible, hours changed weekly while girls and managers stay the same lack of respect for the quiet hard workers management ignoring core values and looking out for number one lack of respect for the female workers for their looks management not really knowing what works do on a daily basis after it becomes a routine always informing the workers are renew are benefits information every 6 months on the last days till you can't lack of communicationThe money honestlyEverything i was lied about in orientation"

3rd shift manager (Current Employee) says

"RaceTrac was a good company when I started working for them and then it changed and Under New Management and the atmosphere was not so good once new management came inBonusNo lunch/breaks"

Guest Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"It is a quick pace environment. Working up to management is rather quick depending on where you are located and who your general manager is. Customers are great.Discounts on itemsNo employee discount"

Lead Guest Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Racetrac was promised as one of the Best companies to work for. I have met great people and have had great experiences. This Company does Not Give raises, they overwhelmingly work you and Do Not Respect your time off or vacation time. They play with your hours every time a New Store Managers comes in. There is Never structure within management or the cooporation itself. If you want an employer to slave your life and time for 10.25 or 11.25 for Shift Managers then go ahead. I wish you the best of luck. No meal breaks. No free or Discounted gas.Paid WeeklyNo Breaks, No raises, No respect for time off"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The harder the worker you are the more you are mistreated and use and abuse this company is slowing but surely getting worst most of the people who are fair and really do care and hold all employees to same standards have left and move onFree unlimited drinks meeting amazing peopleTreated base on likes., how much dirt you have every one, is not held to the same expectations and treated base on size and how light your skin is"

Current Employee - Managed Services Engineer says

"They don’t listen to your concerns"

Former Employee - Guest Service Associate says

"Will keep employees in positions that are physically exhausting and unmanageable with no regard for employee safety just to reach their goal."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"Everything. No break. 9 hour shifts and sometimes asked to work over for someone else. Rude. Favoritism. Didn’t feel like a job but slavery."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unsafe work environment Racist comments from staff Management shows favorites Does not take proper precautions to protect employees during a global pandemic. Threatens employees for speaking out about it."

Former Employee - Videographer says

"No decent advancement opportunities. I should've worked somewhere else the whole time."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"They do not treat everyone equally. Standards and expectations are based on WHO you are and not what the company outlines. It is truly a popularity contest. If you are not willing to bend the rules to do what your supervisor wants then you become an outcast and your job is put in jeopardy. terrible work life balance. Calls 24/7 and high pressure to make yourself available all hours."

Former Employee - Management says

"Many many long time, dedicated, superstar performers have been terminated without true cause and without any documentation in the last year. No opportunities were even discussed to change positions within the company with any of the terminations. It's all about egos and dollars."

Current Employee - Analyst says

"Serious lack of senior leadership. Multiple executives have either been ousted, fired, or left voluntarily in the past couple of years. Not to mention everything from large layoffs, silent letting go of essential employees, and unwillingness to hire additional employees when the growth of the business justifies it."

Former Employee - N/A says

"Toxic work environment too much gossiping"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Everything was awful, especially management"